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2 Powerful Projects!

PROJECT 1: Lead Generation Techniques 24/7: Build Your Own Lead Factory

Discover consistent lead generation through our Lead Factory Project. Identify prospects, create effective virtual stages, overcome objections, and maximise profits. Take control of business growth by automatically generating quality leads 24/7.

PROJECT 2: Virtual Screen-to-Screen Selling: Generate 34% - 67% More Sales from Your Existing Leads In 90 Days

Elevate your sales with the immersive Zoom Your Sales Project. Simplify meetings, lean virtual sales skills, and use proven persuasion strategies for faster lead-to-sale conversion. Turn virtual presentations into reliable revenue.

Why are these projects & not just training programs?


If you’re like me, you’ve engaged in online training—lessons, learning, and support. While often well-executed, it can sometimes fall short in delivering results.

The distinction lies in a Project: it has a defined beginning and end, a clear goal, milestones, and measures. Most importantly, it’s designed to yield tangible outcomes. That’s the foundation of this Project.



Streamline your business and sales processes into three key areas, unlocking accelerated growth by working smarter and faster.


Reimagine and tailor your sales skills for a Zoom-centric selling world.


Master our proven persuasion strategies, templates, and scripts to drastically reduce lead-to-sale conversion time.

Monitor Progress

Gain expertise in tracking and managing essential metrics and behaviours. Automate repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on client interactions.

Target Precision

Craft messages that resonate with your Perfect Future Clients, delivered at precisely the right moments.

Shift the Dynamics

Master the art of “Flipping the Conversation,” where clients willingly engage and buy, alleviating the need for hard selling.


Harness the power of BehaviourMetrics. The proven sales conversation framework used by the Top 5% of salespeople to sell services more profitably.

What’s Included in the Project

User Friendly Interface

Instant Access

Active Coaching & Support

Tangible Outcomes

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August – December 2023

16th August

10am AEST
Build Your Own Lead Factory

20th September

10am AEST
Build Your Own Lead Factory

11th October

10am AEDT
Build Your Own Lead Factory

15th November

10am AEDT
Build Your Own Lead Factory

20th December

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Build Your Own Lead Factory

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