Project 2:
High Tech &
High Touch Screen-to-Screen Selling

Revolutionising the way you Connect & Sell.

What is High Tech & High Touch Screen-to-Screen Selling & Why Does It Matter?

Selling has evolved, and it’s here to stay: SCREEN-TO-SCREEN SELLING is the new norm.

The gains are enormous:


No more time wasted on travel.


Precise, time-bound appointments.


Utilise multiple screens to present your ideas and products.


Easily involve experts without their physical presence.


Overcome geographical barriers.


Streamline signatures and payments through secure links.

But, there’s a trade-off:

In virtual meetings, the personal touch often gets compromised. Limited face visibility makes reading body language challenging, and multitasking becomes common. People may even turn off their screens, leading to a loss of personal connection.

The Good News: You can have both HIGH TECH & HIGH TOUCH.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, Virtual Screen-to-Screen Selling emerges as a game changing approach. By harnessing cutting-edge video conferencing technology, you can engage with prospects professionally and effectively on a personal level, fostering trust, addressing concerns and accelerating decision-making for more successful sales.

Your Solution: Virtual Screen2Screen Selling

Bridge the High Tech High Touch gap with our comprehensive suite of tech tools. Experience high-quality video interactions, seamless screen sharing, and collaborative presentations that replicate in-person meetings.

Now, let’s transform your sales approach with our Pathway to Purchase Project.

The Flip? Instead of ending with objections and “I’ll think about it,” we guide you to build a proven pathway from selling to having the customer buy. It’s like a smooth choreographed dance, and we show you all the steps.

This personalised approach fosters trust, addresses customer concerns in real-time, and accelerates the decision-making process, resulting in more closed deals and satisfied customers.

Navigating the Virtual Screen-to-Screen Selling Journey to Success

1. Engagement

Initiate meanigful interactions with prospects using video tools and screen sharing.

2. Discovery

Understand your customers needs and pain points while addressing their questions.

3. Presentation

Deliver compelling presentations and solutions tailored to their requirements.

4. Objection Handling

Address concerns promptly, demonstrating your expertise and building trust.

5. Closing

Seamlessly guide prospects through the purchasing process, leveraging real-time negotiation.

6. Follow Up

Maintain post-sale relationships through virtual check-ins and support.

Why is this a PROJECT and not a program?

A training program is all about learning knowledge and skills. A project has a specific goal, clear Metrics and results in a pre-determined outcome.

– Iven Frangi

Introducing the Virtual Screen-to-Screen Selling Process

The seamless blending of High Tech and High Touch tools and skills.

Our Virtual Screen-to-Screen Selling process comprises 5 key steps.

Step 1 - Preparation

Equip yourself with the necessary information and materials for the sales call.

Step 2 - Connection

Choreograph an effective virtual meeting with your prospects, establishing a personal rapport.

Step 3 - Engagement

Understand their needs and challenges while showcasing your products or services.

Step 4 - Customised Solutions

Present tailored solutions, addressing their specific pain points.

Step 5 - Conversion

Navigate objections, negotiate effectively and guide them towards a successful purchase.

A word of caution

The project is not suitable for everyone, and not everyone may be a fit for us.

At The Persuasion Projects, we specialise in partnering with business owners, coaches, consultants, and service professionals – experts who offer a professional service. That’s our sweet spot, and it’s where our expertise truly shines.

Who Benefits from

Virtual Screen-to-Screen Selling?

Ideal for…

Sales Professionals. Enhance customer interactions and increase sales efficiency.

Small Businesses. Expand reach and engage with a global customer base.

Consultants. Provide expert advice remotely while building strong relationships.

Entrepreneurs. Launch products/services to a wider audience without geographical limitations.

Who IT’S NOT for…

Businesses that primarily sell physical product or rely solely on online web shop.

The Big Con$ideration: Investment vs. Returns

You INVEST in:


  • Cutting-edge Technology. Access to advanced video conferencing and collaboration tools.
  • Training. Equip your team with skills to excel in virtual sales engagements.

    In return, You GAIN:

    • Expanded Reach. Connect with prospects and clients globally.
    • Efficiency. Shortened sales cycles and increased productivity.
    • Personalisation. Forge deeper connections leading to higher conversion rates.

    Next Step?


    How does virtual selling differ from traditional sales methods?

    Virtual Screen2Screen Selling combines the best virtual video conferencing tools available with a low friction conversation map to replicate in-person interactions, enabling real-time engagement regardless of your location.

    Can I still build relationships with clients virtually?

    Absolutely! Virtual interactions allow for face-to-face connections, fostering trust and relationship-building.

    What technology do I need to get started?

    You already have a computer or device with a camera, microphone, and internet connection. You can add any low investment tools or tech we show you. 

    Is virtual selling suitable for complex B2B sales?

    Our Persuasion Project is built for long term, high value, relationship sales, making it highly effective for simple or complex sales scenarios.

    The Persuasion Project balances the High Tech, Virtual Screen2Screen tools with the High Touch, Pathway to Purchase strategy to unlock a world of possibilities for your business!